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Make those tacos!

Have you ever wanted to collect taco ingredients? Maybe speed up time? Dash through walls? Date a squid? Consider cannibalism? Taco Tom 2 is the only game that allows you to achieve these fantasies.


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Or don't, it's up to you.


The Game

Ingredients are falling from the sky, and it's your job to collect them to make tacos! You can't collect two of any ingredient before completing a taco. Speed up and slow down time to help avoid those pesky blocks! Or maybe just dash through them.


The Story

Taco Tom is about to break up with his girlfriend Sally, but then she mysteriously dies! Distraught but single, Tom finds interest in a squid named Sapphire. What happens from there is anybody's guess... 


The Modes

Play through the Story Mode, then try out the Speedrun, Endurance, and Wacky Modes. Use Practice Mode to find the optimal path through the levels. There's also Arcade Mode, where you can aim for the high score. There's even Multiplayer Mode! That's a lot of modes!

The Features


90 levels across 10 worlds. Some of them are easy, while others are extremely hard. Now that's a difficulty curve!


Over 500 lines of dialogue in a compelling story filled with dead tacos, squid dating, and other crazy happenings.


Powerful Aesthetic

Over 160 royalty-free images provide an authentic stock photo experience. Your eyes will love it.

Local Multiplayer

Two-player local multiplayer matches. Find out who's the best Taco Tom 2 player in the household.

Did you know...

...that you can buy goods with money? It's true! And guess what? Taco Tom 2 is a good, which means you can buy it with money.

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